A list of the Best Gambling Songs Ever

When you have the right background music, your overall gambling experience will be significantly enhanced. Ideally, you want to listen to music that accurately captures and communicates the overall atmosphere of the gambling world. Afterall, an activity that sparks such a sense of thrill deserves to be matched by an equally invigorating soundtrack.

When you log into an online casino, you want to curate the right space for you to feel in the zone. You want to ensure that you are set up with an excellent soundtrack to make your at-home experience feel as close to the real thing as possible. Thankfully, there are many songs that are centred around themes of gambling that are guaranteed to get you in the mood.

It is also interesting to touch on the idea that music might influence gambling behaviour. It is a compelling notion and research suggests that the tempo of a song, has the capacity to alter the degree of risk undertaken, the persistence of betting, and the time taken between bets. When you know the best gambling songs, you are in charge of setting the tone.

‘Go Down Gamblin’’ by Blood Sweat and Tears

This 1971 hit perfectly encompasses the rush, the power, and the glory of the gamble. David Clayton-Thomas delivers a fierce performance that convinces the listener to go all-in on their next bet, convincing them that the odds must surely be in their favour.

The song can also be applied to life and therefore serve as a source of inspiration in a broader sense. He declares that “cards are bound to break me but I ain’t busted yet,” and calls the listener to take a chance at the casino as well as on themselves. Believe in the possibility of a brighter future, a better hand, and the jackpot.

Wilco’s ‘Casino Queen’

Everybody wants to be the king or queen of the casino but unfortunately, not all of us are destined for greatness. At least we have Wilco’s track from ‘A.M.’ to let us feel as if we are gambling royalty. It is a clear communication of a deep love for gambling that keeps the hopes of financial prosperity alive and kicking.

They repeatedly refer to the “tables so green,” thus alluding to the promise of success that is sometimes realised but never given up on. He speaks about being a “fiend” as he has become an enthusiastic player and a passionate devotee. Many players will identify with his love of the game.

“Poker Face” by Lady Gaga

This hit is significantly more modern than the aforementioned songs but that doesn’t take away from its credibility as one of the best gambling songs ever. ‘Poker Face’ remains iconic amongst both gamblers and non-gamblers alike.

Lady Gaga reminds us of the power of a good poker face in any https://onlinebingoaustralia.org/aud/ casino setting while also accurately encapsulating that feeling you get in a casino, the feeling that success, prosperity, and romance is just around the corner.