Skills-Based Slots Explained

Slots have long been a highly popular casino game, and one that has been evolving for well over a century. Until now, however, it has always been designed to function as a game of chance. In other words, a game with a purely random outcome. In recent years, however, a new and exciting variation of slots has emerged on the market, one that allows the player to practice and hone their skills in order to potentially better their chances of winning.

How Does It Work?

At first glance, there is little difference between your average slots game and a skill-based one, and for the most part, they operate in much the same way.

The major difference, and the skill element, however, comes in with the bonus mini games. While traditional slots will generally also have them, their bonus games rely on the same element of chance as the rest of the game.

Mini games, however, that require skill to beat, and can be consistently beaten, and potentially increase winnings, are a daring new innovation to the game that, for the first time, takes it out of the realm of chance and into the hands of the player.

A Better Chance to Win

Effectively, using skill to win the mini games in slots gives you some measure of control over your “chance” to win. In other words, if you are skilful, you will have an “edge” that you otherwise wouldn’t have in traditional slots.

Another way of seeing this is that the added skill element allows a player to potentially reduce the “house edge”, or “house advantage”, which is the calculated and inbuilt “loss factor” of casino games. This is relatively rare for casino games and is generally only ever seen in certain games like poker and blackjack.

Slots Mini Games Image

Examples of Mini-Games

Many of the mini-games featured in skill-based slots are the fun and familiar sort of games people are used to, and include:

  • Racing games
  • Classic arcade-style games like Space Invaders
  • Puzzle games like Tetris and Jewel Crush

Is This Better for Everyone?

Although adding a skill element to slots certainly makes it potentially more exciting and rewarding in many ways, not everyone may necessarily enjoy the change of dynamics in a game that has been so well-loved in casinos for so long. Many enjoy the traditional game of slots for the exact reason that it isn’t stressful and challenging, and adding a skill-base may change that for them.

It’s really something that is up to the individual though. After all, it is one of many variations and themes available in slots that have been introduced over the years.

Furthermore, one shouldn’t fall for the misconception that you are suddenly going to become wildly successful at skill-based slots. Even if you are a great gamer, with amazing wits and reflexes, the mini games are designed to improve your chances, and accordingly win more, but not to win the slots game and jackpots outright.

Either way, if you want that extra edge, and are up for a more challenging game of slots or real money pokies, then skill-based slots should be right up your alley.