An Article About Busted Casino Myths and Facts

We have all heard the stories from people that go to casinos. Their stories generally tell you what to do in order to get bigger winnings or tell you why it is rigged for you not to win. As you can imagine, these stories exist to create elaborate stories to explain their luck or losses while captivating their audience with a wonderfully colourful story that makes them seem like experts on the topic.

Card Related Myths

Many, if not most, casino today no longer use cash coins with which you play the slots. Instead, you have a card on which you put your money. All transactions then happen directly from your slot to the card. One of the biggest casino myths is that you should always keep the chip on the card warm. Somehow a warm electronic chip will influence the machine to give you a pay-out.

Placing money onto your electronic card can be done in one two ways. Electronically via machines on the casino floor or through a cashier at the cash desk. Many people believe that the cashier can put or take away luck from your card. The concept of luck itself is random. A random event like that cannot be controlled, let alone by a person who really has no connection to you in any way.

Table Related Myths

Probably the funniest and most absurd myth surrounding the tables, are that the roulette dealers get special training that other dealers do not. More than that, a very skilled roulette dealer can choose where the wheel will stop spinning, thus avoiding to give any pay-out. This simply is not true. That is a super power that no human possess. Where the wheel stops is completely random and no one or nothing controls it.

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round, including people who believe that hey have uncovered hidden and secret combinations on how the dealers play a game in order for the players to win. Yes, the dealer is your opposition and represents the house, but the dealer also plays the game in the exact same manner as everyone else sitting at your table.

General Casino Myths

One of the biggest general casino myths, meaning a myth that applied to both tables and slots and even the building, is the fact that the casino pumps more fresh air into their air-conditioning systems. Apparently by pumping more fresh air into the air-conditioning, they are giving the players more energy. This makes the players want to be there for longer and spend more money. This myth is completely absurd.

Some people believe that the result of one game will influence the result of the next. This is called the gamblers fallacy. Each game is completely free standing. No round on any game will influence the next as it is completely random. Just because you won twice at Blackjack, it doesn’t mean that you will bust the third time. That is dependent on your skill and the draw of the random cards.