Biggest Online Casino Wins Ever Recorded In Gambling World

Since the genesis of online casinos in 1996, the industry has soared in popularity and left many an individual significantly more well-off than they were pre-gambling. The money that is moving through online casinos nowadays comes from players living anywhere between Tulsa and Timbuktu.

There are a few noteworthy tales of good fortune to the nth degree. These real-life examples of that much sought-after ascent from rags to riches can serve as a reminder to us all to never give up on our luck. Tomorrow might just be our day and we too, could join the ranks of these online gambling legends.

Mr Rawiri Pou

When playing the slot machines, it is standard procedure to temper your expectations. Generally speaking, your profit, although positive, is unlikely to guarantee you can hand in your resignation come Monday. Mr Pou had always prescribed to this mentality until the fateful day that he logged onto Casino Land before work and tried his luck at the Mega Moola slots.

Mr Rawiri Pou, who was 27 at the time, logged out with an additional $7.4 million to his name as well as the realisation that he was now empowered to improve life for himself and his family members.

When Insomnia Works in Your Favour

In 2011, a young insomniac lay awake and instead of counting sheep, he tried his hand at the Mega Fortune online slot machines. He hit the Jackpot and walked away with a cool €11.7 million, thus proving that you do not need to sleep in order to experience a dream.

As a student, this amount was particularly lifechanging as university tends to be one of the most financially unstable periods of your life. It is safe to assume that the excitement of this victory kept him up for the rest of the night and likely, many nights thereafter.

The Potential of 25 cents

On a normal day, one is not exactly overwhelmed by the possibilities of a quarter dollar. That is, not unless you are the anonymous Finnish gambler who managed to miraculously transform 25 cents into a staggering $24 million in 2013. This is believed to be the highest jackpot ever won from a stake as low as a quarter dollar.

To this day, all that is known of the mysterious millionaire is that they came across their fortune by playing Mega Fortune at an online Scandinavian casino.

A Lucky Break

Jon Heywood, a British war veteran in his mid-20s, returned home from fighting in Afghanistan only to find himself unable to make ends meet. In the midst of his financial battle, he allowed himself to bet $40 on Mega Moolah and thanks to luck, the gods or karmic retribution, he won $17 million.

He nobly sacrificed his dreams of owning a Bentley as reality called for him to settle his father’s medical bills. On the bright side, Mr Heywood was able to invest a substantial portion of his slot’s winnings and spoke of plans to take his family on a luxury cruise.