The Symbols Of Slots – A Basic Guide

Slots have long been one of the most popular casino games and are constantly evolving to become more exciting and enticing to players. They come in wide range of different themes, styles, and symbols, but generally they all follow the same basic rules in regard to what the symbols mean and are used for.

The Standard Symbols

The standard symbols are what make up the bulk of the symbols used in slots and are generally ranked from a low to a high value. Over time, there have been various common symbols used in slots games to represent them.

The most common appearance of low-value symbols in classic slots games, for instance, are fruit, such as cherries, oranges, melons, grapes, bananas, etc. Other variations commonly include playing card icons and suits.

The most common high-value symbols used in slots are the number seven, diamonds, bells, and the word “BAR”.

Some slots games may have completely unique symbols to fit a theme though, such as fish, coconuts, and shells, etc, for an island theme, so be sure the check

The Wild Symbols

Another common type of symbol in slots is the wild symbol. This is similar to the joker in playing cards and is most commonly used to give the player a better chance of winning by potentially “filling in” for a missing symbol.

For instance, if you have a seven in the first reel, a wild symbol in the second reel, and a seven in the third, a wild symbol will complete the combination and you will win and be paid out for getting three sevens.

Though not all slots games use wild symbols, but they are nonetheless very widely used, and some slots games may even feature several of them with different functions.

Some slots feature a “walking” wild symbol, which moves position across the reels after every new spin. Another common use of wild symbols are the “expanding” wild symbol, which expands outwards to cover the reels with each turn, and “multiplier” wild symbol, often shown as the multiply symbol and a number, e.g. “x3”. This is used to multiply the value of the other symbols in a winning line by the number shown.

The Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbols are basically a certain type of bonus symbol that keeps the game both exciting and rewarding.  They may appear anywhere on the line and give the player a bonus no matter what.

Certain combinations of scatter symbols may also trigger various bonus features, such as an extra multiplier added to your win, a free spin, or in some slots, a mini game of some kind.

The Bonus Symbols

Most anticipated of all are the bonus symbols. Naturally, these symbols appear rarely, but when they do, they come with big wins. Like scatter symbols, they might also take you into some sort of fun and entertaining mini-game or free-spin to play for a big jackpot.

Different slots games have a multitude of variations of bonuses and their symbols, and also how they need to appear to win, so always be sure to check before jumping into a game.