Dragons Dynasty Slot Guide for Online Players

The Dragons Dynasty slot machine game is a simple but rewarding addition to the online slot machine world. Created by Lightning Box Software it features a theme based around popular Chinese culture, and is firmly based around a minimalist approach to design. It features few special and bonus features and uses no unnecessary animations or effects. It does, however require very little space and have almost no loading times, resulting in a streamlined experience for those who are more concerned about the game then they are about being visually dazzled.

Standard Playing Symbols

The Dragons Dynasty slot machine game uses symbols based around traditional Chinese culture. The standard symbols include the ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, all of which have the lowest values in the game, plus a number of picture symbols. The picture symbols include a lantern, a fan, fireworks, and a dragon. The dragon has the highest standard value, and will payout a good amount when matched with itself five times.

How to Play in Detail

The Dragons Dynasty slot machine game follows the standard rules of traditional casino slot machines like you see here. This means that the player must first commit to an upfront bet, and decide upon the number of rows they would like to bet on. Remember the primary rule of modern slot machines; the more lines bet on the higher the percentage of winning, but the larger the upfront bet required. Once the rows and bet have been decided upon, which can be changed via the options menu in this game, the reels can then be spun via the button on the right of the screen.

Once spun, no more changes may be made to the bet or betting lines. Once the reels stop spinning and symbols are displayed in the play area, any matches made will automatically be indicated by a solid line and payouts will be made. The payout amount is decided by, of course, the symbols that make up the sequence. The payout amount will be added to the current balance and the bet and betting lines may again be changed. The player may keep playing for as long as they wish, or until funds run out. More funds may be added via the deposit option.

Bonus and Special Feature Symbols

The Dragons Dynasty slot machine game has few special symbols. The first is a free spin feature, and can be triggered by collecting three free spin symbols. These spins will play out automatically, and may gather more free spins during the sequence, which will compound and add to those already in play. The second special bonus symbol is the wild card. This symbol, represented by a panda bear eating bamboo, can be matched with any other symbol in order to create a winning sequence. Two aces, for example, may match with a panda bear to create a three aces winning match. Likewise, two panda bears may match with two aces to form a four aces winning sequence.