Going Deeper into the History of Constanta Casino

For the past few centuries, casinos have been a go-to source of entertainment for people all over the world. In fact, some casinos have left behind quite a legacy. They have become an important part of history for many. This is exactly the case when it comes to Constanta Casino. While the casino has not been in operation for quite some time already, it certainly has a rich story that lives on to this day. Located in Constanta, Romania, this casino is now nothing more than a dilapidated shell of a building that was built on the waterfront of the Black Sea.

A Brief History

Constanta Casino was built in an art nouveau style, with plenty of lavish finishes. The building itself was designed by Daniel Renard and was officially opened in August of 1910. However, during the time it was in full operation, it did not just serve as a casino. In fact, during the Second World War, it was shut down and instead used as a hospital.

A lot of work went into trying to make sure that the building remained the iconic “symbol of the city” it was once considered to be. To this day, Constanta Casino remains listed as a historical monument by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs. However, as the economic situation in Romania worsened over the years, it became increasingly difficult to invest too much time and money into the upkeep of such a big building. As a result, it was officially shut down in 1990 and has remained closed ever since.

The building is now owned by the Government of Romania.

The Casino Years

For the years that Constanta Casino was fully operational, it certainly represented all of the glitz and glamour that has become associated with casinos over the years. With grand ceilings and massive doors, the establishment welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors during its time. Here, players could enjoy a wide array of casino games, including the classics like poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat. It had become something of an iconic place to be, and the masses continued to flock through its doors.

Future Plans

While Constanta Casino may have established itself as one of Romania’s most recognisable symbols while it was in operation, there are currently no plans to refurbish it back to what it once was. For now, it remains the topic of many stories and has been featured in several publications over the years. And even though the building still garners plenty of publicity, all of the images of the once-great casino that continue to emerge paint a rather grim picture, with broken windows, doors and plenty of dust tarnishing the image of grandeur that it used to be known for.

Even though Constanta Casino may currently be a broken-down image of what it once was, it certainly made quite an impact during its heyday, when it served as one of Romania’s most famed, glamorous and well-loved establishments.