Introduction to Novelty Betting Online

Not every betting opportunity at the best online sportsbooks are sports related. In fact, the novelty bets available are usually as far removed from track and field events as you can get.

Covering entertainment, politics, and other topics, they add a splash of colour, a touch of spice, and even a bit of humour to the sites that offer them. If you are new to betting, or you have never bothered looking at novelty markets until now, you may be wondering what on earth is going on. Wonder no more – we are here to demystify it.

Entertainment Novelty Betting

Reality TV, especially game and talent shows such as the Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother, and the X Factor, keep millions of people glued to their TV screens every week. Those shows also get people talking at office water coolers, and they get punters flocking to land-based and online bookmakers.

Some brands only offer chances to place win bets on the contestants you think will outlast or outperform the others. However, you can find brands that also allow you to place prop bets, such as betting on contestants to be eliminated. You also can bet on the winners of Academy Awards and other prizes.

Political Election Betting

Whether they are happening where you live or elsewhere, political elections are potentially some of the most exciting things that can happen in the history of a city, province, or country. They can be especially thrilling if you have bet money on their outcomes.

Why settle for an informal pool with friends or colleagues when you can bet on the candidates or parties that you think will claim victory when citizens go to the polls? The best way to place political election wagers is to do it at an online bookmaker that is committed to the highest standards.

Financial Market Betting

As much as financial trading is a bit of a gamble, it is decidedly not what is meant by financial market betting. When you bet on the movement of company’s stocks at top sportsbooks, your money is not going anywhere near the stock market itself.

What happens is that a time frame for the bet is decided on, before betting whether specific stock will rise or fall in value. The amount by which the stock increases or decreases also is important.

Other Novelty Bets

There is an array of other novelty bets available at some of the best bookmakers. Some of them relate to the British and other royal families. For example, you can bet on the names of royal babies, and whether all actresses-turned-royal wives will turn out to be palace-wreckers.

Some sportsbooks take it all a step further. There are betting sites at which you can bet on the likelihood of human beings making contact with aliens, or on the date on which you think the world will end. As with all types of bets, before placing a wager at one site, check several to ensure you are getting the best deal.