Take a Look at Roaring Forties Video Slot by Novomatic

Roaring Forties is an old type classic fruit machine game produced by Novomatic. The name of this slot might be a bit misleading with players expecting some sort of period theme with images of classic cars and 1940’s attire. Instead the slot manufactures have cleverly used the fact that it is a 5 reel slot with 40 paylines to incorporate the name.

In actual fact the game is very much an old type classic fruit slot that would appeal to all slot purists and those just starting out. The game itself has a decidedly minimalistic look with a standard orange coloured backdrop. The graphics are what you would expect from a fruit slot with little to no animation and the standard casino sound effects when a winning combination is formed.

A 40 Payline Fruit Themed Slot

One of the features that makes Roaring Forties stand out from other classic fruit slots is the actual slot setup. With 5 reels and 40 paylines, the game seems to be a mesh between a modern and classic slot. To add to the modern take on the game, the producers have incorporated two bonus features in the form of a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. To add to this, the slot jackpot is an impressive 16 000 coins which will entice almost every slot fan.

On the reels, players will find a host of images that one can expect from a classic fruit slot. Some of the highest paying symbols include the number 7, a bell, a watermelon, grapes and a star. The lower paying symbols are also fruit based including cherries, a lemon, an orange and a single grape.

Wild and Jackpot Symbols

One of the few bonus features in Roaring Forties is the addition of the wild symbol. In this online slots game, the wild symbol is the colourful symbol with the word “wild” written across the front. The wild symbol can be used to substitute for all of the high and low paying symbols in this game. The only symbol the wild symbol cannot substitute for is the star scatter symbol.

While the wild symbol is usually the highest paying symbol, in this slot that honor goes to the number 7 symbol. If players are lucky enough to land all 5 number 7 symbols across the reels, they will trigger the massive slot jackpot of 16 000 coins.

Scatter Symbols and Gamble Feature

The second bonus feature in Roaring Forties is the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol play out in any position on the reels and is multiplied by the total stake bet. The scatter symbol is also the second highest paying symbol in the game. In addition to the wild symbol and scatter symbol, the game has one more bonus feature in the form of the gamble feature.

When any standard reel win is achieved, the gamble feature will become active. In the gamble feature, players stand a chance to double their winnings at River Belle mobile casino. In the Roaring Forties gamble feature, players must correctly guess the colour of the next dealt card from a shuffled pack. If players guess correctly they will double their winnings. If players guess incorrectly, they will lose their winnings.