What to Do If Your Online Casino Account Gets Blocked

If you’ve been playing online casino games at a reputable gaming site and all of a sudden your account gets locked, panicking is a rather natural response.

But before you panic, take a deep breath and consider the following advice. There may be a reason your account has been blocked, and it may well have been done for your safety.

Just some of the most common reasons a casino account is blocked are the following:

Failed Logins

Probably the most common reason why an account gets locked down is a number of failed logins. This is simply a security measure to ensure that no one is trying to access your account without your permission, or even trying to hack it.

Often you’ll have 3 chances to enter your login details, and if you get your username or password wrong repeatedly your account will be locked.

Failed Online Casino Login Message

Duplicate Account Detected

Generally you can only open one account at an online casino, so if you open a second account and this is detected, you will be locked out.

If you are accessing the same casino as someone else at home, you may have the same IP address, and this can also cause an account to be locked until verified.

Fraudulent Activity Detected

Casinos don’t only look out for their own security; they are committed to keeping their players safe too. If there is any potentially fraudulent activity detected on an account it will be locked down for investigation.

Similarly, if you have provided fraudulent information to a casino and they have discovered this, your account will be blocked.

Underage Gambling

If you are suspected of gambling underage, or that someone underage has been accessing your account it may be locked. Sometimes all you need to do is complete a verification process and provide a copy of your ID or passport in order to prove you are over legal gambling age. If you haven’t submitted required documents after signing up, this is often a cause for blocking until all criteria have been met.

Verification Issues

Similar to the above, if you have not supplied verification documents for ID or a withdrawal, you may well be shut out of your account until the relevant documentation has been received.

Terms and Conditions Violations

If any terms and conditions have been violated the casino will close your account until they can complete an investigation into the matter. Make sure that when you’re at a reputable online casino offering great real money slots, that you’re not violating any of the terms and conditions put in place to protect you and other users on the platform.

Quick Solutions

The easiest way to solve any issue with a locked account is to contact the casinos support team and ask for assistance. You may have to provide them with information to assist them in reactivating your account to prove that it is actually yours, but usually the process is quick and painless, and you can get back to playing quickly and with minimal inconvenience.

In some cases you may have to wait 24-48 hours for your account to be unblocked, and if this is the case the casino will advise you of this and as to why.