Understanding Social Gambling

Social casino games have been around for a few years now, and they show no signs of slowing down. With social media and gambling being so popular it was simply inevitable that these two would meet, and the results have spurred the development of an entirely new industry.

What Is Social Gambling?

Simply put, social gambling is playing free casino games on a social media platform like Facebook. Social casino games cannot be played for real money, and you’ll be given free coins instead, just like you would at an online casino when paying in demo mode.

The difference is, these games feature leaderboards and communities, and often players must work their way up to the top of a board in order to be a winner. There is a huge community spirit involved, and a major element of competition too. Instead of playing for a jackpot win you’ll be trying to be the best of the best, and that brings with it its own excitement and rewards.

On the Go Gaming

Social casino games are often designed for mobile, although they can be enjoyed on desktop too. They can be downloaded as an app, or they may be accessible in your web browser.

The idea behind making them mobile-first is that they are more accessible to a greater audience, and they can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, making them all the more convenient.

Unlock the Rewards

Social casino games often require that players unlock new levels or rewards, or if they reach a certain target they are awarded with a bonus. This adds a whole new layer of gamification to the entertainment, and makes it all the more enticing like slots or online blackjack games.

While many of the games are for free some titles allow for players to buy extra tools to help them pass or even bypass levels or to level up to a certain spot. Players can also buy in-game accessories, and this generates income for the developers.

Halting Gambling Addiction

The great thing about social casino games is that they can help players with gambling addictions avoid real money games. There is now a whole new alternative; and there is no temptation – as there is no opportunity- to make a deposit and bet real money. Many gamblers have cited social casino games as a helpful tool that’s given them a way out and helped them curb problem behaviour.

Safe, Legal Gaming

The best part about social casino games is that they are legal pretty much everywhere. As there is no real money action, strict gambling laws do not affect them. This means players can have fun with complete peace of mind, never having to worry if they are breaking the law.

There is also no worry about the compromising of banking details or personal information, as no transactions are required, unless of course you opt to make in-game purchases. There is also no risk of never receiving any winnings due to a rogue operator, as there are no real money wins to be had, only the supreme satisfaction at being the top of the leaderboard.