Review of BEAT ME Online Card Game By Play‘n Go

BEAT ME, created by Play‘n Go, is a simple, yet enthralling card game, recreated here online with a great deal of professionalism and realism. The rules of the game are as follows; the player and house are both dealt a card, face up. If the player has a higher value card, they instantly win, if the house has a higher card, the player instantly loses. If the cards are a tie, the game goes on to the next step. The game is played at a lightening fast pace, with a round normally taking a few seconds. This means that a fortune can be won or lost in the blink of an eye. This online game uses a voice narration system, which calls out the wins, loses, and other steps of the game. High quality animation is also used for the cards being dealt. This game may be played for free at Canadian casinos, or for real money, as the player chooses.

In The Event Of A Tie

In BEAT ME, if the player and house cards are of equal value, the player is given the option to go to war, or to surrender. If surrendering, the player loses half the initial bet, and the round is over. If selecting to go to war, the initial bet is doubled, and the player and house are both dealt another card. Again, a higher value card is an instant win, while lower value card instant loss. If you would like more information about how this game is played, please click the question mark icon in the lower left hand side of the screen.

Placing Bets

BEAT ME uses a simple betting system, with one gambling chip placed per single tap of the betting circle. To change the value of the gambling chip placed per tap, do so via the series of chips seen in the bottom right of the screen. Remember that if hitting a tie, the initial bet will automatically be doubled, unless a separate bet is made in the tie circle. The tie circle, directly beside the bet circle, puts up a specific bet in the case of a tie. Keep in mind that both bets are lost in the case of an instant loss, but the tie bet is not double in the case of an instant win.

Easy User Interface

BEAT ME uses a minimalist set of user interface buttons with its professional graphics, allowing for the best user experience, specifically on mobile devices. Simply tap the option you would like as the buttons appear, with one touch access being used for all buttons. Options appear only when they are valid, avoiding confusion. Hence, if the option is not seen, it is not applicable. After tapping the bet circle to place your bet, the deal option will appear, which starts the game. The voice narration may be turned on or off via the speaker icon, which is in the bottom right. The options menu, represented by two cogs, is also located in the same area.