Review of BEAT ME Online Card Game By Play‘n Go

BEAT ME, created by Play‘n Go, is a simple, yet enthralling card game, recreated here online with a great deal of professionalism and realism. The rules of the game are as follows; the player and house are both dealt a card, face up. If the player has a higher value card, they instantly win, if the house has a higher card, the player instantly loses. If the cards are a tie, the game goes on to the next step. The game is played at a lightening fast pace, with a round normally taking a few seconds. This means that a fortune can be won or lost in the blink of an eye. This online game uses a voice narration system, which calls out the wins, loses, and other steps of the game. High quality animation is also used for the cards being dealt. This game may be played for free at Canadian casinos, or for real money, as the player chooses.

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