Hunt for Shangri-La in Hidden Valley Slot

This is an adventure themed slot set in the snowy mountains of the Himalayas and features several travellers in search of this famous mythical lost land. Deserving of the title Hidden Valley this is a slot game developed by Quickspin and intended to appeal to the adventurous side of players. Featuring a bright setup and display this slot incorporates a vivid backdrop and some appropriate sound effects to go alongside the spinning of the reels.

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Online Free Slots Cleopatra with Egyptian Theme

There are definitely certain slot machines themes that have proven to be just more popular than most of the rest, and one such theme is the Ancient Egyptian one, particularly centred on the famous Cleopatra. This proud historical figure may have fallen prey to a snakebite, but her famous slots won’t be disappearing any time soon. Perhaps not the proudest form of homage to pay a prestigious leader but the mysteries and curiosity about this era and dynasty makes for an exciting atmosphere in most any scenarios.

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The Basic Rules Of Online Sic Bo Game Explained

There are some online casino games that have, over time, established themselves as being extremely popular. On the other hand, there are games that are not yet as popular as their counterparts but are quickly gaining exposure. One such game is sic bo. Popular in many parts of Asia, this game is also known as tai sai, hi-lo, big and small and dai siu.

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Play‘n Go Presents Troll Hunters Online Video Slot Game

Troll Hunters is an online video slot game developed by Play ‘n Go Software Games which will transport players back in time to mythical times in Scandinavia. The reels are filled with Viking warriors whose aim is to defeat a fierce troll. Troll Hunters has a 5 by 5 grid board and not the usual spinning reels of a classic slot game.

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Review of BEAT ME Online Card Game By Play‘n Go

BEAT ME, created by Play‘n Go, is a simple, yet enthralling card game, recreated here online with a great deal of professionalism and realism. The rules of the game are as follows; the player and house are both dealt a card, face up. If the player has a higher value card, they instantly win, if the house has a higher card, the player instantly loses. If the cards are a tie, the game goes on to the next step. The game is played at a lightening fast pace, with a round normally taking a few seconds. This means that a fortune can be won or lost in the blink of an eye. This online game uses a voice narration system, which calls out the wins, loses, and other steps of the game. High quality animation is also used for the cards being dealt. This game may be played for free at Canadian casinos, or for real money, as the player chooses.

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How to Choose New Online Casino Sites in Canada

The Internet has grown exponentially over the last twenty years, and this has given rise to entire industries aimed at the average person. One of the industries that has truly boomed online is the online casino industry, and today there are thousands upon thousands of different casinos online that players can choose from. This has created a problem of its own, especially for new players, as it is now more difficult than ever to find a new online casino that offers a great variety of different games as well as full customer services.

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What to Do If Your Online Casino Account Gets Blocked

Online Casino Account Blocked

If you’ve been playing online casino games at a reputable gaming site and all of a sudden your account gets locked, panicking is a rather natural response. But before you panic, take a deep breath and consider the following advice. There may be a reason your account has been blocked, and it may well have … Read more